Saturday, June 26, 2010

She walked over to me; my best friend in the entire world. The furrows in her eyebrows told me she was confused, and upset. "What aren't you telling me?" she nearly yelled in my face; my nose recoiling from the smell, floating on her breath. I tried to keep my face steady my eyes blank; but for the first time I couldn't. My wall broke down; the unsalvageable pieces falling around me. I told her everything: I told her how jealous and angry I was, and how I wished she would understand how this had hurt me. She looked into my eyes, shiny with tears, and at my tear-streaked cheeks. She looked at me and laughed. It was then, I found, that the truth about forever was that forever wasn't really forever after all.


  1. This story sounds all too familiar. I wish I could say it didn't. And your telling of it is so terribly perfect.

  2. damn...
    You'll find someone else; there's a person you'll find who shall be your truest best friend who will never betray your heart.