Saturday, September 18, 2010

"Your gonna be okay," she whispered to herself with wet cheeks.  Her room was filled with the happy sounds of music, but her soul was being ripped in half.  An abandoning-friend is dying, others are leaving, better plans on their minds. The music doesn't help anymore.  The memories just flood her mind to the brim, wishing it was all over, she doesn't want to deal with this anymore.  The hoping, the lying, the leaving.  Don't they realize that her bones aren't the only things that 'can be snapped like a twig'?  No one notices, despite her internal pleading; their happiness is much more important anyway.  She'd rather hold all their sadness than their happiness, happiness just leaves memories that create sadness anyway.  "You're gonna be okay," she whispered to the true friend, the mirror,"Just be strong, and one day, someone will realize."

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