Thursday, September 23, 2010

Do you remember?  For I do, young one.  We met that one day, yes that one.  You fell into my life (you literally fell, remember?  I caught you).  You were shy and blushing, despite your pale, near-fainting state.  Instant infatuation on my part, I heard you felt the same.  I learned you adored all the literary geniuses that you've studied, my infatuation grew, I also love the classics.  That day that everything fell apart?  You caught me.  Fair trade I'd say, one catching for another. Now what?  I'm just some guy with a knack for words and you, you are a literary genius. A wordy wonder.  A spelling superstar.  A grammatical grenade.  A sentence-forming, will-you-be-mine girl.

So?  Got an answer yet, sweet synonym?

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