Wednesday, August 25, 2010

He pushed her up against the wall, she didn't resist, she never did: her efforts were left unheard, floating through the atmosphere.  "Why do you care so?" she nearly yelled, their faces inches apart, her back to the light green wall, his hand against the wall next to her left shoulder; holding her in an abstract hug.  Collapsed on the ground, now she cries, her hair curly and far from pristine, the helplessness in his eyes evident to everyone but her.  Her knees drew themselves to her chest, side against the wall now.  She held his feet in her peripheral vision, she really didn't want them to leave, walk away like he thought she wanted.  Sobs shook her, it all had piled up at once; sadness can only be a burden for so long before it must be released.  He squared his shoulders against her insecurity and sat down beside her; silent, but he was there.  He was there.

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