Wednesday, June 30, 2010

They sat on the bench seat, closer and closer he scooted, she was driving.  The beat up Ford truck hailing from 1970 growled down the road, telling all the newborn prius' and hybrids how street-wizened he was.  Her camera was beside him on the seat, atop their folded costumes.  He watched her drive down the country road, she was intent on following the path exactly.  She gained speed as they turned onto the dirt road.  They pulled up to the gate, near the corral.  She shifted to park, stomped on the parking brake and turned the car off.  Looking at him, she nearly whispered, "Are you ready."  He nodded, and they escaped the confines of the truck cab.  Standing on the sun-kissed earth, they both looked around silently.  "I think by that cluster of trees would be good," she said as she pointed north.  "Okay," he replied as he removed their costumes from the front seat.  He walked around the front of the car, and asked,"Which one first?"
"Uh,"she replied,"I think the three-piece.  I was thinking it would go nice if you wore that when I wore the green."  Handing her a square of green fabric he agreed.  She slipped around to the other side of the truck and slipped into the green full-length dress while he dressed in the three-piece tweed suit.  She grabbed the camera, tripod and remote and began walking over to the earlier specified area.  He trailed behind, adjusting his clothing.  They reached the trees, and he leaned against the largest one while she set up the camera.  "Okay, I'm ready."
"Good."  He walked over to where she was pointing.  They faced each other, standing in the knee-high grass.  "I, uh, wanted to tell you tha--" he began.  In her nervousness she cut him off.
"I was thinking we could pose like we were dancing.  Like in a ballroom?"
"Okay, whatever you want," He was slightly perturbed.  She placed her right hand in his, and her left on his shoulder.  Hesitantly, he placed his unclaimed hand on her small waist."Okay, I'm gonna slide the remote under my hand in the shoulder of your jacket.  That way it is out of sight of the camera."  Silently he dropped the pose, and let her fiddle with the remote placement.  When she was done, they resumed the stiff dancing pose.  They looked into eachother's faces. "Ready?" she asked before she pushed the button on the remote. 
"Can I tell you something?"
"Sure," she said, looking somewhat annoyed that they hadn't taken the picture yet.
"Nevermind.  We can just take the picture first."  He gave in.  He always did.
"No," she said,"I want to know what you had to say."
"Oh.  Uh, okay.  I, just wanted to tell you that, well, I like you.  I really, really like you."
Her eyes were boring into his with curiosity, when his words registered she gasped.  Her eyes widened and her cheeks began to redden.  For a moment they just stared at each other.  Then, rapidly, she wrapped her arms around his neck.  "I like you too," she whispered in his ear.  He picked her up and swung her around.

They had a wondrous day, taking pictures and picking wildflowers.  When they were looking through all the pictures later on her laptop, there were some they didn't remember taking.  Then they realized that the button on the remote had stuck, so there were pictures of when he told her he liked her, her reaction, and him spinning her around.  When they had finished looking at all the unplanned pictures, they turned to each other and he whispered,"That was perfect.  Just like you."


  1. I soaked in every single one of these words. I know that this is your dream, but after reading this it became mine too.

  2. Hannah has captured my words before they formed into characters